The AGM was held using ZOOM on the 16th September 2021. This AGM was somewhat different to previous AGMs as it covered a period of 14 months! The reason for this was that we had decided to align the financial year with the Programme and Events calendar.

The Treasurer (Brian John), stated that the accounts were in a healthy state. Whilst we have had to pay ZOOM subscriptions for the year, we have not had to pay Hall rental and insurance or lecturer’s travel expenses. In addition, we have received financial support from the Alliance Françaises. Our independent advisor gave the accounts a positive acceptance.

Brian also mentioned that In addition, we had received renewals from members, for which we are very grateful.

However, the independent advisor is not prepared to stand for next year, so we are looking for a replacement!

The current Officers were re-elected unanimously for the upcoming year.

There was a conversation on the continuing use of ZOOM. Whilst we may have lost some members, we had gained new members, as well as members living far away  (eg Manchester and Oxford) as Zoom is available from any location. Indeed, some lecturers have presented from their homes in France.

Whilst most of our previous lecturers have adapted to using ZOOM to present, certain have not, and we have had to find replacements. One of our members also asked if we could introduce the lecturers; where they are; how they became lecturers. 

There was a request that as well as the conferences, we should arrange some social events COVID permitting. Carol Liddle stated that she is investigating a tour of local vineyards. In addition, we are hoping to celebrate the Fete du Roi.