In May we had the pleasure to welcome Christine Nivet.  She gave deep and original analyses of the impressionist paintings that she selected from the Chicago collection where she worked for years..  This month, this Thursday 15 June in fact, we have something totally different.  Thierry Viennois will show us a little known part of France:

Le petit train des mineurs de la Mure    

Here is his introduction:


Au cœur d’une nature protégée, cette ligne ferroviaire de plus de cent ans retrace l’épopée de la mine et du charbon, les prémices de l’hydro-électricité et l’essor du tourisme. Après 11 ans d’arrêt, le petit train de La Mure repart !

Embarquez à bord d’un train mythique des Alpes françaises ! Tout au long du parcours, découvrez les eaux tumultueuses de la Vallée du Drac, les beautés du Vallon des Mottes et l’histoire minière qui a façonné la Matheysine. Flancs escarpés, panoramas exceptionnels et nature sauvage et préservée vous attendent « au coin de la ligne » !

For members who do not know him,  Thierry is an experienced lecturer who speaks in a relaxed manner to people whose native language is not French.  His presentations vary from historic to political, social and geographic topics.  He was interesting and well informed on racism in France for instance.  Thierry will be at the Pavillon as planned.

Alan Liddle will send the Zoom link any time now, so make sure you are ready to tune in on Thursday about 7 pm.  Or better, we hope to see you in person at the Pavillon.  Thierry will start at 7.30 prompt  and it will be possible to ask him questions or comment on his presentation.

Bastille Day, la Fête Nationale

Thursday, 13th July 2023

Another year of lectures is coming to an end and our final event for this year will be a celebration of the Fête Nationale in July and we invite you to come along and join us at the Guildford Rugby Pavilion. Those of you who have been able to attend meetings at the Pavilion will know that it is a very pleasant location and we are hoping the evening will be pleasant enough to spend some time outside. There is ample parking at the venue and it is within very easy reach of both Godalming and Guildford.

Please see the menu on the website and book your tickets. We look forward to seeing many of you then.