We have really excellent news this month.  John Petty’s recent email will have told you how proud and delighted we are to be able to meet in person, in a new place as well as on Zoom. Now that restrictions have been lifted, most of us can socialise as we did before.
So Thierry Viennois’ June talk will be on Thursday 16 June at 7.30pm at the Pavillion of the Guildford Rugby Club.  All paid up members will also receive their Zoom link by email as before.  However we expect many of you – particularly if you never liked Zoom or are too happy to go out on a lovely Summer evening –  will join us at the Rugby Club.
The talk as described on our website www.amitiesfrancaisesgodalming.com  will be on:

Le Vercors: Massif en or 

Lieu historique, merveille géographique et naturelle, le Vercors présente un décor somptueux aux portes du Dauphiné et des Alpes. Moyenne montagne calcaire, riche de son patrimoine naturel animal et végétal, et de ses paysages façonnés par l’érosion et la main de l’homme, le Vercors attire un grand nombre de visiteurs et pas seulement des vacanciers!

To make the evening even more festive, Carol Liddle has booked an aperitif after the lecture so we will have the opportunity to meet in person again and have a good old chat while drinking and eating canapés together.  There is a bar where we can also buy our own drinks.

And don’t forget that you will get your Zoom link if you prefer or if,  at the last minute,  you can’t get to the meeting place.

So the Guildford Rugby Club is on Guildford Road, Godalming, GU7 3DH and there is plenty of good and safe free parking. Venez nombreux!

Catherine Crossley