We try to keep in touch with our members and potential members through a variety of communication channels:

We have our own FaceBook page @amitiesWaverley. We will be making a special effort to keep this updated with relevant information.

Paid-up members can access our closed WhatsApp page, where members exchange views, ideas, information related to France and the French culture. This is probably our most frequented communication method.

Each month, we send out an Info’Mail which details upcoming talks; books currently being read by the Cercle Littéraire; any other subjects such as upcoming events. In addition, details of any upcoming French radio or TV programmes will be given. Essentially, this method of communication is to inform our members of anything relevant to France and the French culture.

The Vantage Point and  Round and About magazines are distributed in Surrey each month. There is a small mention of Les Amitiés Françaises in each magazine which serves as a means for the Surrey based population to get to know us.